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Savin Copiers, Printers, Fax Machines

Our central location allows us to service the entire western New York area.  We provide quality copiers / printers / computer services and much more.  We provide Service for Savin, Ricoh, Gestetner, Lanier and several other brands of copiers.

COSi offers Networking services, Computer sales, and the following Copier and Print Solutions:

  • New & Used digital copiers
  • Full-color copiers
  • Service for color laser and B&W printers
  • Multifunctional copiers
  • Booklet makers
  • Folding Machines
  • Standard Fax & Internet fax machines
  • Digital duplicators
  • Wide format copiers
  • Plotters
  • Shredders
  • High end scanners

- Mission Statement -

At Complete Office Solutions, Inc., our mission is to provide the best in document-handling solutions, professional service, top quality imaging products and OEM supplies (original equipment manufacturer). We will continue to be a trusted source to our customers and to help them choose the right products to meet there reprographic needs today and in the future.

We are committed to provide our customers with honest, professional and responsive service. We take pride in offering the very best in new and pre-owned digital document handling solutions.